About Hot Kitchen 麻辣东村 – East Village

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Operating Hours

Monday : Closed

Tuesday – Friday :(All You Can Eat Lunch) 12:00pm – 4 pm  & 5:00pm – 11pm

Saturday 12:00pm – 11:30pm

Sunday: 12:00pm – 10:00 pm

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NYC first 串串香 Chuan Chuan Xiang (Skewer Hot Pot) from Chengdu


Established in 2018.

Originally, established in 2011, Hot Kitchen has been serving delicious Sichuan Chinese food at the East Village. Since 2018, Hot Kitchen has transformed its menu and incorporated traditional Sichuan Skewer Hotpot (串串香) and BBQ to their menu. Located by St Marks Place in the East Village, Hot Kitchen is committed to provide friends with an authentic street-food styled experience in New York City with flavorful food options and Chinese drinks. The restaurant decorated with installations of Asian art, wood-grain tables accompanied with red napkins, and a fridge that offers the freedom to choose from a variety of skewers and vegetables brings the unique Sichuan Chinese Cuisine of Skewer Hotpot & BBQ to New York.

Hot Kitchen Skewer Hot Pot & BBQ located in Manhattan’s East Village is the only restaurant in New York City that provides the authentic Sichuan Skewer Hotpot (串串香) experience from Chengdu.

There are various Sichuan styled skewers to pick from for hot pot and/or BBQ such as Beef with Mint (薄荷叶牛肉), Beef with Cilantro (香菜牛肉), Sausage (香腸串), Pork Ribs (排骨串), Shrimp (蝦串), Tofu Skin (豆皮串), Fish Ball(魚丸串), and many more. Not only is there a variety of skewers to pick from, but there are also multiple soup bases that include Chicken Soup (雞湯鍋底), Tomato Soup (番茄鍋底), Mushroom Soup (蘑菇鍋底), Beef Fat Soup (牛油鍋底), and Cold Soup (冷鍋底). There are options to have a single, double, or quad pot (四喜鍋底) for visitors to experience the diverse flavors of traditional Sichuan Chinese hot pot. Our BBQ spices are imported directly from Sichuan, providing the most authentic tastes of Chengdu Street food style BBQ to your table.


 – New special off-menu item-


Tower shrimp & Frog pot 双层牛蛙鲜虾锅 is now available with reservation only with limited supply! Double tower style pot is a new style from Chengdu. We’re proud to bring it to our restaurant. Get yours now! Here are all the options (most of the time, must order a day in advanced):

1. All Frog 2. Frog & Lobster 3. Frog & Chicken 4. Frog & Jumbo Shrimp .